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Customer Reviews for Michael Bolton

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Michael Bolton

KM from Orlando, Florida
24th March 2023

Concert was fabulous! Michael’s voice was as strong as ever! Love the beautiful venue! Would definitely go again!

Still going strong

C.misuraca from Detroit, Michigan
17th May 2022

Concert was great! He was very professional and handled the rude audience members well. The crowd rushing down to front of stage made me nervous and there should be firm rules about use of phones, etc Very glad I went!

Love his voice, but he only sang about 45 min

Therese Higgins from Warrenville, IL
21st May 2022

Michael Bolton’s voice is still wonderful. If only he sang more than 45 minutes. He left the stage for over 15 minutes and his band played one of their songs and his lead backup singer sang one or two songs. I came to hear him sing and felt disappointed. Maybe he wasn’t feeling well May 11th, 2022. I will never know. I won’t be going to see him again which is sad. I’ll just have to listen to his music and wonderful voice at home.

St.George Theater Staten Island Dec 05,2019

Malvis Prieto from New York, New York
6th December 2019

His vocals are just wonderful. Unfortunately he sang about 3 Christmas songs that I would've preferred to hear all his hits he left out a few of his all times favorite. Also the theater lighting was not the best he couldn't make out people's faces. I must say I paid over $500. Dollars worth of tickets I and many other were expecting more of Michael Bolton, we don't go out to his concerts to hear one of his band singers sing solo nor to hear the band while he disappears for a while.

Michael Bolton

Lorena List from Dayton, Ohio
24th May 2019

Michael Bolton’s voice was amazing and only wish his concert was longer. It was a very short concert ( barely over an hour, especially since he also left the stage, for a good period of time). I Love Michael Bolton, he is very personal and awesome, I loved “The Prayer”, duet, his vocal partner also had an amazing voice! I agree that the constant getting up, eating, talking, videos with cameras, etc...is very disruptive, rude, and disrespectful to the entertainer. The location is very nice, pretty and clean, and well taken care of. I Love that they have recycling! Do wish prices for a glass of wine were cheaper, and that they had the option to purchase a wine cooler (with a recyclable glass bottle, as opposed to plastic).

Michael Bolton Concert @ Club Regent Dec 19, 2018

Anita from Winnipeg, Manitoba
20th December 2018

Michael Bolton was fabulous. Great voice ! We however have issues with this venue. Why are guests allowed to use their smart phones to video the entertainer ?? This is very disruptive !! Most other venues tell guests to turn off their phones. Also, guests constantly getting up walking in and out....why ?? ***Don't think we'll be back to this venue !!